Talas Farmers’ Union (TFU) was founded in 1998 on the initiative of 21 farmers with a shared vision of brining the region’s farmers together to collectively and strategically solve the challenges they all faced.  The Talas Farmers’ Union is a non-profit public organization registered with the Talas Oblast Administration of Justice that operates on the principles of voluntary membership, and the equal representation of all of its members.  Membership is available to all natural born or legal citizens of Talas Region who share TFU’s mission, submit an application to the Board of TFU and pay the nominal annual membership fee of 200KGS.

Our Mission: To protect the rights and interests of the Talas Region’s farmers and peasants, and to improve their livelihood through continuous effort aimed at improving economic standards of living.

Primary Objectives of Talas Farmers’ Union

  • Protect and promote the legal rights of Talas’s farmers;
  • Analyze the obstacles that farmers and rural citizens commonly en­counter and working towards their resolution;
  • Supply farmers with detailed market analysis of product prices locally and internationally;
  • Organize training courses for our beneficiaries across Talas;
  • Provide in house microcredit lending to enable farmers and rural citizens to overcome financial obstacles; and
  • Develop international partner organizations to enable the sharing of ideas and resources.


Services provided by Talas Farmers’ Union for its members and partners

 Protecting and Promoting the Rights and Interests of Talas Farmers and Peasants

Consistent with our mission, the Talas Farmers’ Union first and foremost strives to protect the rights and interests of the Talas Region’s farmers and peasants.  Through policy monitoring and acute lobbying on the behalf of Talas’s farmers, TFU tirelessly works towards the legal benefit of its farmers.  Additionally, TFU offers legal services and consultations on a variety of Kyrgyz agricultural and property laws.

Consultations – Consultations are offered to all of our members free of charge on a variety of topics and issues.  Below is a comprehensive list of common consultations that our members often request, but we will provide assistance on any subject that our members require.

  • Civil Rights of Farmers in Kyrgyzstan
  • Current Farming Practices and Procedures
  • Land Reform and Property Management
  • Micro Credit and Lending
  • Business Plan Development and Review

Research and Information Sharing – Talas Farmers’ Union avidly reviews and researches the latest industry trends and information pertaining to the Talas market and its farmers.  We gladly share our research and our insight with our members to ensure they have up-to-date information and are able to make better and more informed decisions.  Below are some areas we concentrate on.

  • Market Information (Detailed Market Data for Product Prices Locally and Internationally)
  • Product Sales (Domestic and Foreign)
  • Agricultural Legal Reform and Policy Change

Civic Education – In further support of constantly working to improve the livelihood of Talas farmers and peasants, Talas Farmers’ Union routinely offers trainings and seminars on a plethora of subject areas which we advertise to the community and to our members.

Additionally, our office also offers basic computer, printing, copying, and faxing services for our members as well as the Talas community.


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