Currently the Talas Farmers’ Union has over 2,500 registered members and the average annual growth rate for new memberships is at 10%.  Members reside in all parts of the Talas region, and they represent Talas’s unique socio-economic diversity.  From farmers, to business owners, local government officials, to pensioners, lawyers, to drivers, and from peasants in rural areas to those that live in the city, members come from all walks of life and reside in all regions of Talas. 

This type of ubiquitous representation not only shows strong local support and commitment to the Talas Farmers’ Union presence in the community, but it also enables the TFU to more successfully execute on its mission of working for the legal and economic benefit of Talas’s farmers and rural people.

The TFU routinely holds trainings, seminars and consultations for its members aimed at assisting, educating and empowering its members to achieve their own goals.  In addition, TFU actively shares and promotes its market research data amongst its members to help them both better understand where the market is and where it is going, and to make more informed economic decisions that in turn lead to higher yields.  Furthermore, TFU membership also helps facilitate networking between its members through annual events open to all members.  These networking events encourage information sharing and idea exchange for all involved parties, thus promoting the adoption of best practices.

Membership is available to all natural born or legal citizens of Talas region who share TFU’s mission, submit an application to the Board of TFU and pay the nominal annual membership fee of 200KGS.

For any questions regarding member benefits or the membership application process please feel free to call / email us, or just stop by our office.


724200, Kyrgyz Republic, Talas City

233 Otarbeva Street #25

Telephone: +996 (03422)5-29-79

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