Structure of Talas Region Farmers’ Union



Talas Farmers’ Union was founded in 1998 on the initiative of 21 farmers from 21 villages with a shared vision of brining the region’s farmers together to collectively and strategically solve the challenges they all faced.  36 appointed delegates gathered on July 30th 1998 for the TFU’s first general conference. Egenberdi Sydykov was elected President of TFU & Jamalbek Kozybekob was elected the Vice President.  An advisory board of 11 farmers was appointed, in addition to the establishment of a supervision committee of three counselors.

Today, the same essential structure of the Talas Farmers’ Union exists plus the additions of the Regional and District Councils and a Revision and Working Committees.  These additional groups have been established to further support the mission of TFU as it has grown and its influence across Talas has expanded.

Every year TFU’s partners, members and representatives of the Talas Regional government attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM). In addition to hearing the director’s annual report, farmers are also provided the opportunity to discuss any current issues they are facing along with possible resolutions through organized discussions and round-tables.

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