Project KOJO

As a key objective to Talas Farmers’ Union’s mission, the education and training of Talas’s farmers and peasants is of vital importance to delivering economic change.  Through greater knowledge and skills, farmers and peasants are empowered to improve the economic wellbeing of their businesses and their families.  In 2008 through partnership with the Swiss organization, Helvitas, a global leader in vocational educational training, the Talas Farmers’ Union began managing the KOJO project.

 Designed as an agro-technical training program for teaching Talas’s aspiring farmers essential technical skills, the KOJO program began offering Rural Entrepreneur Courses at two locations in Talas, Booterek and Kokoi.  Over the last three years, hundreds of students have completed the 16 month training period and have graduated with certified vocational degrees.  Through avid public support and sustained growth in student enrollment, the KOJO project has expanded across Talas and currently offers four locations for its Rural Entrepreneur Courses.

KOJO’s Mission: To contribute to the agricultural and economical development of Talas by increasing the agricultural knowledge and skills of Talas’s citizens.

Goal of the KOJO Project: To increase the agricultural knowledge and skills of one thousand rural entrepreneurs in eight districts in Talas to be accomplished by increasing the public awareness of the Rural Entrepreneur Courses offered, improving the quality of education provided in the Rural Entrepreneur Courses, and creating a system of financial sustainability.

 Project Objectives & Expected Results:

To raise public awareness every year by 30% of the Rural Entrepreneur Courses offered in Talas through multiple mass media channels.

  • More people in Talas will become aware of the KOJO project and the existence of the  Rural Entrepreneur Courses offered throughout Talas.
  • 15% growth rate in new student enrollment is expected annually; leading to greater knowledge of agricultural development, thus further support the KOJO mission

 To improve the quality of education provided to students of the Rural Entrepreneur Courses through the implementation of innovative training materials and technology used in the classrooms.

  • Courses will be conducted in specially equipped technical training rooms.
  • Lessons are conducted in new and innovative ways.
  • Rural Entrepreneur Courses are more adequately and more thoroughly educate their students
  •  To achieve financial self sustainability for the KOJO project by 2015 by allocating 10% of all tuition revenue from the Rural Entrepreneur Courses to KOJO directly.
  •  By 2015 financial self sustainability will be established; decreasing reliance on third party funding while reducing financial waste. 


Structure of KOJO:



For more information on the KOJO project or for enrollment in the Rural Entrepreneur Course, please email, call or stop by our office!

724200, Kyrgyz Republic, Talas City

233 Otarbeva Street #25

Telephone: +996 (03422)5-29-79

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