Project MKA

To help combat growing poverty rates amongst farmers and peasants across Talas, the Talas Farmers’ Union partnered with the micro-credit organization, MKA, to begin providing in-house agricultural based micro-credit loans to qualified individuals and small businesses with well thought out ideas.  TFU actively promotes the available loans to the public, often holding seminars and consultations on how to apply and how to create business plans.  The number of agricultural based micro-credit loans awarded to Talas farmers and peasants have increased annually since project inception in 2003. As a result, thousands have been mobilized and employed, hundreds of new businesses started, and a plethora of new services are now available that were not before. 

Eligible Applicants:

Private farmers, entrepreneurs and small business owners who are involved in the sustainable production and cultivation of agricultural related products or services are encouraged to apply.

  • The size of loans range from 2,000KGS to 300,000KGS and are awarded based on the following priorities:
  • Ability to pay the loan back;
  • Identified urgency or need for capital implementation;
  •  Expected return on investment ;
  • Goals and expected results of activity;
  •  Likelihood for success;


Minimum Criteria that every applicant must meet:

  •  Must be a legally registered citizen of the Kyrgyz Repbulic;
  • Maximum age limit at the time of loan is 65;
  •  Have no other outstanding debts or lines of credit;
  •  Have a viable and profitable project;
  • Every applicant must have a minimum of two partners (i.e. a minimum of three people applying);
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate competency in their ability deliver the expected results;
  • Have assets to provide as collateral; 
  • Invest a minimum amount of community contribution to the project.


For further details regarding these agricultural based micro-credit loans please email, call or stop by our office!

724200, Kyrgyz Republic, Talas City

233 Otarbeva Street #25

Telephone: +996 (03422)5-29-79

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